It’s been forever since I shared what Carter and I have been doing. Good news — we’re still here!

Let’s see. I started a new job in 2015… and after two years got a fabulous offer for another one, so here I am two jobs into my last blog post! (Yikes)

With all the newness that comes along with settling into a new role — let alone two — I’ve realized that the past two years I had time for almost exactly two things: jobtime and barntime. There’s been little (really zero) time for anything else – including anything resembling a non-horsey life or non-workaholic life.

All the while Carter has been learning and growing and most recently, building strength after a silly incident during his much-deserved two week vacation. He’s sound and ready to take on Fourth level if I could just catch up! You see, the time in between wasn’t quite the same for me – mine has been more like, “where’s my independent seat gone?”  or “now I’m missing my transition cues?” and “wait, I can canter?” So here we are, nearly two decades later – okay that’s a huge exaggeration — but it sure feels like it, some days.

Actually, we’re six years since the day I said “hello” to my best bud, heart horse, and sweetest TB buckskin I know. That alone makes me pause. Six years. Has it already been six years?! We’ve come so far and done so many things that I never thought possible since that day in 2011. Wow! Now we’re back and strong, healthy and on our path to securing our Bronze medal in the upcoming show season! Cool? Right!? I’m also getting settled in my new job and have found time to center myself, again, so hopefully there won’t be a two year plus hiatus between this and my next blog.

So, hello, again those who are reading this. I’m glad to be back among the bloggers and am looking forward to sharing our trials and tribulations and of course successes! Here’s a sneak peek into what’s coming up: lead changes – Wow… lead changes! Fourth level work. A Pas De Deux. Carter’s perspective on being nine and a dressage prince. And, some product reviews mixed in.

I’m glad to be back. Carter’s glad to be back.

Until next time.