When you ride a unicorn, you have to treat them as such. Unicorns are all the rage currently (as they should be), so it makes sense that Topline Leather is now offering a rainbow-colored Unicorn Bit (http://bit.ly/2hWehx2). Of course, this bit may not be legal for a show (though, really, is there a rule that states you can’t have a colored bit?), but it will certainly add some flair to your daily routine.

The Topline Leather Unicorn Bit is available features anodized stainless steel and is currently available in 135mm (~5”) French link loose ring snaffles and 135mm double-jointed lozenge Eggbutt snaffles. Both the French link as well as the Eggbutt are popular bit choices for riders of all disciplines, with the loose ring adding a lozenge in the middle to increase palatability and the Eggbutt offering stability with the shape of the ring.

The anodized stainless steel gives the Unicorn Bit a lightweight feel in your hand, meaning your horse will enjoy this bit if he is prone to favoring lighter bits. This bit would work well for greener horses who are learning to accept and go into the contact as well as more sensitive horses who do not like the feel of a heavier bit.

The stainless steel also makes the Unicorn Bit easy to keep clean. While you should be cleaning your bits after every use, everyone gets busy and sometimes the cleanings fall by the wayside. Not to worry, as the Unicorn Bit cleans up well, which means you’ll be bright and shiny for each ride.

We’re partnering with Topline Leather (http://bit.ly/2iXe8u7) here on Horse Junkies United to give away a beautiful rainbow Unicorn bit to one lucky reader! You can add a bit of sparkle to your daily ride with this bit, which comes in an Eggbutt and a Loose Ring style.

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