We all care about are equine’s health when it comes to supplements, whether protecting our horses’ joints, gut, water intake, you name it! So why not help them when it comes to their breathing? FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips can do that for you.

The FLAIR Nasal Strips support the soft tissue over your horses air passage. This means it will help improve your horse’s air flow and respiration. The nasal strip will not cause your horse to take in more air than normal, but it will make it much easier for your horse to be able to breathe, reducing fatigue and conserving energy.

FLAIR Nasal Strips are great for short workouts at home, trail rides, long competitions, and much more. I personally like using mine during the chilly months to help my horse improve her breathing, therefore improving our workouts and protecting her health. These are great to have on hand for everyday use, and if you do any sort of fitness work or exercise in which a horse’s respiratory rate increases (jumping, conditioning, etc.), these are definitely useful to have around the barn.

Proper application of the FLAIR strip is vital to effectiveness, so we thought we’d show you exactly how to apply:

Our retail partner, Brandenburg Equine Therapy, offers FLAIR Nasal Strips in individual or 6-pack options. You can shop now to stock up by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/2BcByGF