The time is almost upon us: New Year’s resolution time! It’s the season of gym memberships, budget goals, eating healthy food, and so on. If you’re like me, you might be well aware that I don’t often stick with these harsh resolutions. In the spirit of making 2018 a better, most positive year then 2017, I wanted to focus on making some small but favorable resolutions in the barn.

So here we go. Reasonable, and mostly doable resolutions for the year 2018:

  1.  Finally come clean to my husband about the horse stuff hidden in the trunk of my car.
  2. Make friends with the new barn cats.  Decide to stop letting your toddler chase them, even if it does buy you a few more minutes of ride time.
  3.  If the weather dictates it, I will buy or bring the correct winter clothing to ride instead of wearing my horse’s cooler around the barn.
  4.  Admit that I have a problem, and need to sell or donate my hoard of old blankets, saddle pads, and misc. tack pieces.
  5.  Vow to stop moving the mounting block, even an inch.
  6.  Hold my tongue when wanting to cluck at other humans. (It doesn’t work anyway)
  7.  Keep track of my own crop this year…for the entire year.
  8.  Ride with no stirrups at least once a month, and on purpose.  Losing them on course doesn’t count.

I’ll be honest, number eight is put there strictly to please my trainer, and hopefully she will have more empathy for my weakness come November (no shame over here). As for the rest of my resolution list, I see 2018 being a lighthearted year with time to makeover my equestrian life a little.