Living smack dab in the middle of the Midwest, our horses spend the fall, winter and sometimes spring seasons modeling their typically diverse and extensive blanketing options. There will be one day of sleet and snow followed by a week of sunshine, sometimes vice versa. Since there is no rhyme or reason to the season, owners and riders are always looking for a multi-faceted option to add to the tack room. Kensington’s SuperMesh Turnout doesn’t just fit the bill, but it also sets the standard for an attractive, utility blanket.

I chose my trainer’s lovely chestnut mare, Alexa, for this review as she hadn’t been doing very well in her typical clothes, coming away with shoulder rubs on her sensitive Thoroughbred skin. I also knew we could count on her to really put it to the test with the amount of mud rollings and baby horse shenanigans that she likes to get into while turned out.

After a few weeks of our insane weather changes, I have to say that this blanket is quickly becoming a barn favorite. Initially I was surprised by the texture to the blanket, which almost reminded me of a heavy duty fly sheet material, but with a sturdy and comfortable liner. This Textilene Mesh outer fabric is great for tough-on-blanket horses. The lining, which is a lightweight 80 grams, pulls moisture off the horse to help keep them dry. There are plenty of colors to choose from for the fashionable equine, and I personally thought the plaid was adorable.

It fits perfect to size, and immediately a favorite feature was the belly guard. No one likes to curry the chunks of mud off their horses belly, and personally I feel like it just helps seal in the warmth as the horse is all wrapped up. The fact that you can disconnect the belly straps from either side are a total bonus in my mind – easy for blanket removal or strap replacements down the line. I did struggle a bit at first with the snaps in the front getting through the D-rings, but they were still much more convenient than the traditional buckles. All hardware and stitching seems hardy and high quality and it stood up great to my rambunctious model’s outdoor activities. The back leg straps can also be removed completely making it really nice for horses who are particular about the hind end, or who are just hard on their blankets and need easy replacements.

After recent rainy weekend that Alexa thoroughly enjoyed, I was really excited (and relieved) to find out that the 1,200 denier rip-stop outer shell doesn’t attract the mud and muck. My four-year-old model made sure to put it to the test, but the gunk doesn’t stick to the fabric and can easily be brushed off. Anytime I can avoid doing extra blanket washings, especially mid-season when they are most needed, is a good thing for me. The texture of the blanket can make it “stand up” a bit more, and it was a bit harder to fold onto a blanket rack. However, I would gladly take a large fold over a smaller one who is packed in mud.

Alexa has enjoyed her SuperMesh blanket very much, and I’m happy to report that not only did it not rub her shoulders, but allowed her hair to regrow from her time in other blankets. I have had several boarders reach out to me about purchasing this item, and am happy to recommend it to both readers here and my friends. It is a durable, practical and low maintenance option that still makes your horse look and feel fantastic. Just ask Alexa.

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