There are two things I want my guardian angel to keep track of: 1) How many hooves I’ve picked and 2) how many stalls I’ve cleaned. Studies show that once you’ve practiced or performed a task for 10,000 hours you become an expert. In light of this fact, I am an expert at cleaning stalls.

There are three types of horses when it comes to stalls:

A) The kind who hide their poop and pee.

You go into the stall and it looks pretty clean. Yay! But is it…? Upon closer inspection, you realize there is a urine spot the size of Lake Victoria in the corner.

B) The kind who spread their muck throughout the stall.

You open the stall door and it looks like a poop grenade detonated. So much for conserving shavings, because every turd is artfully intermixed with the shavings, not to mention the urine-saturated areas that are now strewn across the floor. Happy sifting.

C) The kind who have a “spot”.

You hope it’s a quick pick, but are met by a mountain of manure – welcome to the “spotter’s” stall. They keep things orderly, preferring to mess only one area of their stall, but pride themselves in their healthy digestive system – evidenced in the left hand corner.

Regardless of the horse, there is a sense of accomplishment as you step away from a fresh stall, ready to start the process all over again in the morning.
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