Subscription boxes seem to be the way most of us discover new products these days. I remember when Birchbox first started, and it was such a foreign concept at the time. Fast forward just a few years, and I’ve recently had to unload the number of boxes I was subscribed to because it was getting a bit embarrassing.

But one subscription I’ve held onto is Giddy-Up Goodies. Now, I’ve tried my fair share of “horse” boxes. Believe it or not, it’s rather difficult to find a good quality one where I feel it’s worth my hard earned dollars. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that Giddy-Up Goodies delivers one of the most thoughtfully curated subscription boxes I’ve seen even outside of the horse world.

(One of) the cool things about Giddy-Up Goodies is the fact that each month has its own theme. For example, March’s box was named “GUG Luck” as a play on St. Patrick’s Day. And everything inside the box is selected based on suitability for that theme – but you have to force yourself to open the gorgeous wrapping first!

And lo and behold, once I dug into this month’s box, I saw a whole lot of green. For someone who’s as obsessed with aesthetics as I am, this was a big bonus.

Now, about the products. Each month, there is a different selection of products. One of the big benefits of this particular box is that it mostly includes full size product – not just sample bottles that only last a few uses! Now, some boxes will have the occasional sample/travel size, but for good reason! For example, a recent box had a travel size tack cleaning kit, complete with a carrier and a rag. Perfect! But, for the most part? You’re getting full size product.

The other cool part of Giddy-Up Goodies is that you also receive a rider gift of some sort each month. Which, don’t get me wrong, I love my horse to pieces, but sometimes mama needs a gift too! Some boxes even include edible human treats – toffee, for example – which is a fantastic surprise. There is always (to my observation) some sort of horse treat as well, which is great because it cuts down on my trips to the tack store for more Mrs. Pastures.

Giddy-Up Goodies is also unique in that often you’ll find a completely practical item. This month, I received a pair of durable latex gloves. Puzzled at first, I then discovered that the box also included a (full-size!) bottle of First Companion Soothing Gel Liniment, and I was immediately thankful to have those gloves. Simple, yet so thoughtful.

That’s the word I’d use to describe Giddy-Up Goodies: thoughtful. From the wrapping of each box to the thought behind each theme and the corresponding products – I really felt as if someone put a lot of their own passion for horses into these boxes.

Giddy-Up Goodies is available in single as well as recurring box subscriptions, and there is also a Tidbits box (treats) as well as a Little Bits box (10 and under). To order your own box, click here: