You might think this is a tome to a passed on or outgrown companion, but it is not.

I am getting a new horse trailer (after way too much investigation into things and hours of internet shopping) that should arrive in mid-May. While yes, this is exciting, it is also sad because I am selling my first trailer. I had it custom made in 2000 so that it would fit exactly the horses I owned at the time, but also had the flexibility to be used in multiple ways. It was one of the first 2+1 designs.  My dad helped me buy it and was my driver/pit crew/cheerleader for many years.

I have so many memories of us hauling to shows, lessons, clinics and cross country schoolings in it. Last summer when I finally had a horse to show again, I re-did the floors and had it serviced top to bottom.

Yesterday afternoon it left to head to its next series of adventures in Illinois with a pony club family. I am so excited for them as they now have the most primo hang out trailer for the show season. I am not gonna lie that I get a bit teary eyed thinking about not having it anymore. I wanted to keep it, but financially it just was not a reality and it deserves to have a busy useful life.

I think back on the days my dad and I spent traveling across the Virginia countryside together and it makes me smile. The trailer was there hauling my friends and I on our first trip to Aiken, Sc. and back. All the times I picked up friends to go places. The trip to 4-H Regionals in Clemson, Sc. (FYI, I still can’t back up a trailer). I logged a lot of miles going back and forth from Richmond to Charlottesville and beyond, one time with a freshly broken toe!

Then there was the time I pulled into Tivoly Farm only to discover that the brake lines on the truck had sprung a major leak/disintegrated. The Halloween Combined test where my friend painted her horse to look like a thestral.  It brought my heart horse and donkey from Virginia to Indiana five years ago. We had one last show season together where we explored new places and it carried Cinder safely and securely.

I can only hope that the new owners use it to create as many amazing memories as I have.