Kid-Safe Shetland Pony
“Well, there’s an oxymoron.”

Pretty, Bay Quarter Horse
“She may be nuts, but, hey, at least she’s pretty.”

Gelding that has logged many trail miles
“And probably will flip his lid if we ever go in a different direction than the butt in front of him.”

Registered Arabian Gelding
“Registered crazy.”

Kid’s Pony
“Bites a minimum of 3 times a day.”

Lovely Welsh ready to win at Pony Finals
“…or dash all your dreams when she ducks at the first fence.”

Fun and safe jumper for any discipline
“We have no clue what job she enjoys.”

This mare does it all!
“Weaving, cribbing and bolting included!”

Cute Pony Looking for a Career
“Because he doesn’t have one here.”

Bombproof beginner safe gelding for lease
“Has been known to sleep on the job.”

Fancy Unicorn Medium Mare