Woody Allen said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

Such has been my life this spring. I started out planning for the move up with Cinder, which entailed joining all the letters and spending all the green. Then I lost my mind a ordered a new trailer and bought a new truck. The old trailer sold in a few weeks, and the new trailer is FINALLY here, only a month behind schedule.

In the meantime, I had entered a recognized show at Training level – because why not, I have hardly ridden and what motivates me more than fear of looking incompetent in public. Except, her royal highness needed a bit of a vet review, and a few days off so we almost scratched and then we didn’t. Then, horror of all horrors, she stepped on a fencing nail on the way back in from the arena IN MY BREEZEWAY!

Thankfully I realized she was broken, grabbed her foot and and a hoof pick and yanked it out. I took it out because 1) It was going to go in deeper if I left it, 2) She was having a meltdown, and 3) It was at a sideways angle in her frog and about 3/4 of an inch in. She was completely sound the second I pulled it out. The vet came, she got her tetanus shot and was put on turnout restrictions, antibiotics and lameness watch.  We scratched.

The upshot was seven days later I had a short lesson on her. She was sound and I got my head screwed back on straight. Sadly, half our season is already over, but we will get our sorry butts back into a routine and see if we can find a reasonably decent canter. No promises as the trot has gone off on it’s own little vacation this winter.

Here is a great guide to what to do if your horse steps on a nail or screw from Pro Equine Grooms.

The sad fact of life is that I have REPEATEDLY gone over my arena with a rolling magnet. I still find nails and screws on occasion. In fact, the day after Cinder got her nail, my husband had used the magnet in the breezeway and I happened to look down and found a screw sitting there. Just shoot me now!