I have an idea for a new television show. Are you an equestrian?  Do you crave organization?

If you happen to have a storage closet that is a hot mess of clutter and junk and are looking for some inspiration… well, look no further. I am unveiling my latest home improvement project… the riding closet and craft/sewing room. For under $500, and a few days of sweat equity, I turned a messy catch all storage area into a horse girl oasis.

Step One: Remove all the junk from the room. (Stepping over piles of the stuff constantly will help motivate you to finish this project in a reasonable time frame.)

Step Two: Take down the old wire closet system pieces. (OMG the people who put those up need to be taught how to DIY). Spackle and sand any holes.

Step Three: Tape and paint. Yes, I still use painters tape after the million projects I have done because I just have not mastered the whole freehand edging thing. Optional: Replace the light fixture. Of course I did because who can resist a pretty new fixture that is almost glam.

Step Four: Obsess about what color closet system to buy for at least 45 minutes in Lowe’s. Seriously, this is a HUGE deal. Make sure to measure your wall and look up the measurements of all the components in the system to be sure that you can make it work. (This is, of course, AFTER you have spent at least two hours online looking at every possible system made).

Step Five: Lug that puppy into the house and carry the pieces upstairs and start assembling the tower. My advice is start early and have a lot of caffeine handy. Send small children and the easily offended away while you do this.

Step Six: Measure about 5 times… grab your level and start working to get it all installed. It will help if you can get someone to help. If not, use stacks of books and things to hold up your shelves while you level them and mark your holes. I do recommend using at least one of the wedges to attach the tower to the wall.

Step Seven: Start putting your items on the shelves and watch as your room comes to life. I am loving the way I can now see/find things. The shoe holder makes a great storage cubby for left over bits of fabric. Interesting fact… the number of shirt hangers available for purchase is infinitely greater than the number of pant hangers. I may have cleaned out at least three stores already and still need another 10 hangers to get the rest of my breeches hung. I limited the saddle pads to just my show pads that I need to keep clean. The rest of the collection is in the barn tack room.

Step Eight:  Decorations. I have not yet hung the pictures that I want to put in this room. I need to live with the room a bit before I finalize those. But for sure, the Pimp my Ride one is a given.

Step Nine: Rehome all the junk that was piled up in that room and is living in all the other rooms of your house. You know some of those boxes have moved twice and you have never opened them. Shred/trash/upcycle/rehome the items you have been stowing there. Embrace the cleanliness and lack of clutter of your new space and just toss that stuff you don’t need.

Step Ten: Adult beverages…. Ride your horse, but not in that order.