Is it just me, or does everyone who works alone just turn around one day and realize that their baby horse is now seven and still does not have a decent canter? No? Yes? I can sit here and bring up all the reasons why we have not gotten very far in our training, but why bother, it’s all in the past, right? What I have finally done is gotten a couple of people on board to give me the occasional reality check.

  1. I have fully accepted that I MUST work on loading her and taking her places (insert panic mode).
  2. She is actually a lovely little mare with three good gaits and we need to get out and show them off and start putting it all together in public (gulp).
  3. I need to seek out and ask for help and take what I am given with gratitude.
  4. I must accept the idea that I will have to cut back even more so that I can financially afford to do this. (tightens belt, again).

The good news is that we have added canter work (ok, so departures that happen) to every ride and so far, we have not fallen down, fallen off, or cried – woo-hoo! She has even gone so far as to add in a stretch and snuffle after the canter. The canter itself is becoming less of a shot from a cannon and more of a go forward and turn once before it all falls apart.

Now, I just need to stay more relaxed and get her to figure out how to balance with me on her back and we’ll be golden (hahahaha). I am embracing the “get her in front of your leg” feedback and starting to enjoy my little pocket rocket.