Taking care of your skin is a no brainer. As equestrians, we more frequently expose ourselves to the harshest of elements: the relentless sun in summertime, the bitter, dry air in winter, and then there’s the sweat, dust, mud, you name it, that can be found in and around the barn.

Daily sunscreen is a must. So is a good moisturizer. But riders need to be doing more than that to not only protect their skin from the elements while we’re around our horses, but also to keep it vibrant and healthy on a daily basis.

Korean skincare practices have become a hot trend in the self-care and makeup worlds. And it’s no wonder: these age-old methods combine new health technology with ancient traditions. But most of all, this kind of skincare routine stands the test of time and is easy to get behind. It involves nourishing the skin with both natural and clinical ingredients.

I was first introduced to Bibimbap Skincare on the Heels Down Happy Hour podcast. The show reviewed this Korean skincare line made by a fellow equestrian. Show jumper Lynn Mueller struggled with her own sensitive skin and acne troubles for much of her life, which only got worse as she balanced her horse show schedule. After living in Seoul for two years, she became a die-hard follower of the Korean skincare regiment. This year, she launched her own brand and company.

Bibimbap is designed with the equestrian in mind, taking into consideration that riders are outdoors and often exposed to harsh environmental factors. Bibimbap (also the name of a popular Korean dish of mixed rice and vegetables) Skincare uses soothing botanicals and dermatological practices in its products, which offer a fortified cleanser, face mask, serum, moisturizer and “healing salve”, among other products.

It works great on sensitive, damaged or acne-prone skin and can effectively reset the dermis to “turn back time.” It’s easy to use every day, and affordably priced. We hear they may even be offering some special holiday packages!

Listen in at the 12:20 mark of the Heels Down Happy Hour podcast to hear an in-depth review of the Bibimbap line.