Makeup may or may not be of importance to athletes, particularly during competition or training. However, I have always enjoyed a full face of makeup as an art form and a desperate attempt to prove I’m not a prepubescent teenage boy while in barn clothes. Throughout the years, I have been asked how my makeup stays in tact after a long hack or a fierce summer day in a wool coat. These five tips are tried and true for my fellow glam lovers, and will help your makeup from smearing all over your brand new Rock House Couture stock tie.

1. Primer

Primer will be your best friend, especially when even the best 24 hour wear foundations can’t hold up to summer show conditions. I suggest a tinted primer with SPF (I love the Tarte Tinted BB Treatment, $37 at Sephora), perfect for light color correction and sun protection that won’t flash back in photography. If you aren’t big on foundation, this can be worn alone.

2. False Lashes

Don’t cringe just yet. With a little practice, fake eyelashes can be quicker and easier to apply than traditional curling and mascara. There are so many styles and price points on the market that it’s easy to find a pair that works for you and your preferences. Unlike mascara, falsies won’t result in raccoon eyes after sweat, humidity, or an accidental rub with a white dressage glove. The most important advice: DITCH the bottom lash mascara. Even “waterproof” mascaras will slide down your cheeks after a hard ride. I recommend Ardell Lashes ($3.99 + from your local drug store), or Koko Lashes from Lady Moss Beauty. Trim them to fit your eye and keep them in your show box!

3. Liquid Lips

Lipstick is dangerous for show shirts, coats, teeth, and a magnet for dust and hair. Liquid lipsticks may take a bit of practice to apply, but it’s the perfect solution to long wearing lip color that won’t stain or end up on your teeth. Anastasia Beverly Hills has a wide variety of subtle and natural looking colors that are perfect for the ring, available in-store and online at ABH.

4. Brows

I cheated this one a little bit since I have microbladed brows (tattooed). However, before they were tattooed, I fell in love with Wunderbrow. This product is awful to apply, but stays in place for days at a time and is totally water and sweat-proof. It won’t transfer or smudge, and also holds brow hairs in place. It can be purchased from the Wunderbrow website here.

5. Powders

I have mixed feelings on setting sprays, but there is no doubt setting powder locks everything into place. A translucent loose powder over your completed look, or as a touch up between classes, can save your foundation. I recommend Laura Mercier, also available at Sephora. I’m also a fan of highlighters, simply because I can’t differentiate my subtle highlight from streaks of sweat. Either way, you’ll be glowing when you walk out of the ring!


Most of my friends don’t bother with makeup while riding, but I hope this reaches fellow glam-enthralled equestrians. I know these little hacks would’ve been helpful as teenage Dj’s face melted into a rodeo clown during summer rodeo queen months. And perhaps your perfectly arched brows and contoured cheeks will distract from the fact your horse spooked at his own fart!