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Horse Love

Horse Junkies United – Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

On May 17, 2011, the day this website was launched, we began an incredible journey bringing together amateur riders from different disciplines and parts of the world: hunters, jumpers, dressage riders, eventers.

Horse Junkies United is much more than a website. It’s a way to give a voice to “the ordinary rider”. Those who don’t aspire to “make the team” or compete at the Olympics. Those who aren’t on the cover of equestrian magazines. Who won’t be named Equestrian of the Year. Or have books written about them (except our book!!!).

HJU brings us together in happy times and in sorrow, when tragedies hit the horse world. We share new discoveries, lots of opinions, laughter, tears, celebrate victories, commiserate in defeat and also, find the beauty in those perfectly ordinary moments, when nothing special happens but one feels perfectly content.

We are just normal people who share a passion for this crazy sport and those 4-legged equines.

We are Horse Junkies United.

Join us on this journey to make the ordinary, extraordinary.